marlene cohen

Marlene Cohen, Associate Professor (CNUP, Pitt) and associate director of the CNBC, has been awarded a 2018 Troland Award from the National Academy of Science for her work in understanding information processing in the visual system. The National Academy announcement notes that her work “employs a combination of mathematics and experimental neuroscience to study how visual information is encoded and processed in groups of neurons; how important information is then extracted; and how the brain is enabled to make quick decisions to act based on that information.”

Cohen is the fourth CNBC faculty member who has been awarded the prize: Lori Holt (Psychology, CMU) in 2014, David Plaut (Psychology, CMU) and Michael Tarr (Psychology, CMU) in 2003. The award of $75,000 is presented to young researchers in empirical psychology.

Read more about the award here.