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CNBC Brain Group
2006-2007 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
September 5 Soo Yoon Shin SfN practice - Oculomotor activity in globus pallidus: evidence for an extranigral saccadic pathway in the basal ganglia
September 12 Marvin Leathers Padoa-Schioppa and Assad (2006) Neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex encode economic value
September 19 No Meeting
September 26 Roma Konecky Takeda and Funahashi (2004) Population vector analysis of primate prefrontal activity during spatial working memory
October 3 Liz Brough Nieder and Miller (2004) A parieto-frontal network for visual numerical information in the monkey
October 10 Matt Smith
Eli Merriam
SfN practice talks
October 17 SfN October 14-18
October 24 Steve Petersen 12:00pm in MI Social Room, 3rd floor - "Studying Cognitive Development Using Functional Imaging"
October 31 SfN Recap
November 7 SfN Recap Part 2
November 14 Tamara Berdyyeva Cavanaugh, Alvarez, and Wurtz (2006) Enhanced Performance with Brain Stimulation: Attentional Shift or Visual Cue?
November 21 Trinity Crapse Hasegawa et al (2004) Prefrontal neurons coding suppression of specific saccades
November 28 Cathy Dunn Balan and Gottlieb (2006) Integration of Exogenous Input into a Dynamic Salience Map Revealed by Peturbing Attention.
December 5 Roma Konecky Ullsperger and von Cramon (2006) Error monitoring using external feedback: specific roles of the habenular complex, the reward system, and the cingulate motor area revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging
December 12 Arun Sripati Yamane et al (2006) Representation of the spatial relationship among object parts by neurons in macaque inferotemporal cortex
January 9 Matt Smith Practice talk (no reading)
January 16 Cathy Dunn Vaziri, Diedrichsen and Shadmehr (2006) Why Does the Brain Predict Sensory Consequences of Oculomotor Commands? Optimal Integration of the Predicted and the Actual Sensory Feedback
January 23 Tamara Berdyyeva Shima et al (2007) Categorization of behavioural sequences in the prefrontal cortex (supplemental materials)
January 30 No Meeting
February 6 Jason Samonds Bruno and Sakmann (2006) Cortex is driven by weak but synchronously active thalamocortical synapses (supplemental materials)
February 13 No Meeting