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2009 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
January 13 Patrick Mayo McAlonan et al (2008) Guarding the gateway to cortex with attention in the visual thalamus
January 20 Matt Smith Special Inauguration Brain Group at 11:30, followed by:

Cohen and Newsome (2008) Context-dependent changes in functional circuitry in visual area MT

January 27 No Meeting
February 3 Travis Meyer Liu et al (2009) Time course and stimulus dependence of repetition-induced response suppression in inferotemporal cortex
February 10 Trinity Crapse Womelsdorf et al (2006) Dynamics shifts of visual receptive fields in cortical area MT by spatial attention
February 17 Nate Hall Ogawa and Komatsu (2009) Condition-dependent and condition-independent target selection in the macaque posterior parietal cortex
February 24 Mark Schieber 12:00 PM in BST3 Room 6014, "Changing circuits that control the fingers"
March 3 No Meeting
March 10 Jason Samonds Beck et al (2008) Probabilistic codes for bayesian decision making
March 17 Cathy Dunn Liu and Basso (2008) Substantia nigra stimulation influences monkey superior colliculus neuronal activity bilaterally
March 24 Paul Middlebrooks Fries et al (2008) The effects of visual stimulation and selective visual attention on rhythmic neuronal synchronization in macaque area V4
March 31 Robin Ashmore Cerminara et al (2009) An internal model of a moving visual target in the lateral cerebellum
April 7 Janani Subramanian Fanini and Assad (2009) Direction selectivity of neurons in the macaque lateral intraparietal area
April 14 No meeting
April 21 Jared Clemens Cohen et al (2009) Neural basis of the set-size effect in frontal eye field: timing of attention during visual search
April 28 Stella Yu "Looking without Seeing is in fact Seeing without Knowing-- Insights from Gaze-tracked Change Blindness Studies"
May 5 Cathy Dunn Practice talk
May 12 Cathy Dunn Dissertation defense
May 19 Roma Konecky Morishima et al (2009) Task-specific signal transmission from prefrontal cortex in visual selective attention
May 26 Patrick Mayo Zoccolan et al (2009) A rodent model for the study of invariant visual object recognition
June 2 Matt Smith Allen et al (2007) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Elicits Coupled Neural and Hemodynamic Consequences

Pasley et al (2009) State-Dependent Variability of Neuronal Responses to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Visual Cortex

June 9 Nate Hall Shepard et al (2009) Mirroring of attention by neurons in macaque parietal cortex
June 16 Jesse Sheehan Yamane et al (2008) A neural code for three-dimensional object shape in macaque inferotemporal cortex
June 23 Arun Sripati Data talk
June 30 Soo Yoon Shin Data talk
July 7 Paul Middlebrooks Kiani and Shadlen (2009) Representation of Confidence Associated with a Decision by Neurons in the Parietal Cortex
July 14 Janani Subramanian Data talk
July 21 Trinity Crapse Data talk

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