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Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
September 21 Trinity Crapse Practice talk
MONDAY September 27 Suchitra Ramachandran Bromberg-Martin and Hikosaka (2009) Midbrain dopamine neurons signal preference for advance information about upcoming rewards
September 28 Hugo Merchant talk @ 1pm, BST3
October 5 SooYoon Shin Practice talk
October 12 No meeting
October 19 Jan Kalkus Li and DiCarlo (2008) Unsupervised natural experience rapidly alters invariant object representation in visual cortex
October 26 Janani Subramanian Falkner et al. (2010) Surround suppression sharpens the priority map in the lateral intraparietal area
November 2 No meeting
November 9 Paul Middlebrooks Monosov et al. (2010) Paired neuron recordings in the prefrontal and inferotemporal cortices reveal that spatial selection precedes object identification during visual search
November 16 SFN- No meeting
November 23 SFN Recap
November 30 Roma Konecky Tsujimoto et al. (2010) Evaluating self-generated decisions in frontal pole cortex of monkeys
December 7 Travis Meyer Data presentation
December 14 Marvin Leathers Louie and Glimcher (2010) Separating value from choice: delay discounting activity in the lateral intraparietal area
January 11 Nathan Hall Schmid et al. (2010) Blindsight depends on the lateral geniculate nucleus
January 18 Marvin Leathers Peck et al. (2009) Reward modulates attention independently of action value in posterior parietal cortex
January 25 Paul Middlebrooks Practice talk
February 1 Janani Subramanian Data presentation
February 8 Roma Konecky Warden and Miller (2010) Task-Dependent Changes in Short-Term Memory in the Prefrontal Cortex
February 15 Travis Meyer Bromberg-Martin et al. (2010) Multiple Timescales of Memory in Lateral Habenula and Dopamine Neurons
February 22 No Meeting
March 1 No Meeting
March 8 Patrick Mayo Practice talk
March 15 No Meeting Spring Break
March 22 No Meeting Spring Break
March 29 Suchitra Ramachandran O'Neill and Schultz (2010) Coding of Reward Risk by Orbitofrontal Neurons Is Mostly Distinct from Coding of Reward Value

Please send email to cnbc-brain @ cnbc once you have chosen your topic.