Student Education Committee Representatives
Current student representatives: Michael Granovetter, Hillary Wehry

Student representatives, one from each school, represent the student community during meetings with the education comittee. The education committee consists of the CNBC co-directors, faculty representatives from each department affiliated with the CNBC, and the two student representatives. During hour long monthly meetings the committee discusses issues related to graduate education in the CNBC: admissions, classes, funding, and general student policy. The student representatives have the opportunity to offer opinions and observations about all of these issues as they are being discussed. They also bring student concerns to the attention of the faculty and act as advocates for student issues.

Outside of the education committee student representatives manage and organize several important CNBC events. At the beginning of each semester the representatives gather all of the student committee members to discuss the current state of affairs and facilitate student involvement. They also recruit volunteers to organize a CNBC method seminar each semester. In the past these seminars have brought experienced faculty members together to provide an introduction to a very detailed field of research to the broad CNBC community. Potential seminars would include methods such as FMRI, electrophysiology, imaging, etc. Education Committee representatives are also responsible for the yearly election of CNBC student positions prior to the first meeting of the retreat committee in the spring.

Past student representatives: Tara Pirnia, Tim C. Whalen , Patrick Beukema, Meredyth Wegener , Adam Large, Amanda Willard, Shanna Bowersox, Gina Leckie, Xiaonan Liu, Patrick Sadtler, Berook Alemayehu, Jineta Banerjee, Alba Tuninetti, Lubov Zeifman, Shawn Burton, Yevdokiya Yermolayeva, Blair Armstrong, Ashwin Vishwanathan, Sofia Huang, Margarita Svetlova, Daniel Jimenez

Colloquium Series
Current Members: Faisal Baqai, Orma Ravindranath

The role of the colloquium committee is to organize the selection of speakers for the student run colloquium series and the alumni series. For the colloquium series, this involves an initial nomination stage, where the committee solicits, via email, nominations from all members of the CNBC community for speakers that fall within 5 areas of research (neuroimaging, neurophysiology primate related, neurophysiology non-primate related, computational modeling, and psychology). The committee then selects a subset from the list of nominations to include speakers that are engaging and would appeal to the broad CNBC community, and meets with the Education Committee for final approval. Once the final list is approved the committee must hold a student vote through email. The final duty of the committee is to find student hosts to invite and sponsor each one of the selected speakers. In the case that a student nominated the selected speaker, that student should be the host. If multiple students students nominated the speaker, the senior student should be the host. And if a faculty member or post-docnominated the speaker, then the committee should appoint an appropriate student host. Prior to the date of the speaker’s seminar, the host student should work in conjunction with CNBC administrative assistant Lisa Bopp to maximize the student body’s interaction with the visiting speaker.

For the alumni series, the committee selects three alumni from the list of alumni that have completed the program at least 5 years ago. After the Education Committee has given its approval (can be done at the same time as colloquium nominations), the committee holds a vote, normally via email. One member of the committee will invite and host the selected alum.

Past Members: Yuan Wang, Yu Chen, Victoria Corbit, Amanda Willard, Xiaoping Fang, Puja Parekh, Kevin Mastro, Adam Large, Josue Orellana, Benjamin Cowley, Darcy Mandell, Alona Fyshe, Patrick Sadtler, Erin Crowder, Shreejoy Tripathy, Kristine Wilckens, Bronwyn Woods, Karin Cox, Aarthi Padmanabhan, Patrick Fisher, Ashwin Vishwanathan

Brain Bags
Current Members: Erinn Grigsby, Brian Jeon, Patricia Stan

Brain bag coordinators manage and organize a weekly series of catered semi-formal seminars given by CNBC students. The student coordinators send a weekly email to the entire CNBC community to announce the following week’s seminar including title and abstract. Support for dinner catering is provided by the CNBC and ordering should be coordinated with Melissa Stupka or Barbara Dorney in the Mellon Institute offices. Attempts should be made to maximize student attendance by collecting reservations and sending reminder emails to the student community.

In addition to student seminars the coordinators are responsible for scheduling the CNBC Ethics Roundtables with appropriate faculty memberss. The coordinators may schedule less formal events such as discussion sessions and relevant social events in conjunction with the social chairs.

Past Members: Patrick Cody, Arish Alreja, Dylan Royston, Ben Cowley, Nicole Rafidi, Tim Whalen, Zara Weinberg , Sanjeev Khana, Dylan McCreary, Sharlene Flesher, Ivan Smalianchuk, Amanda Willard, Shanna Bowersox, Adam Large, Christopher Walker, Alison Phillips, Joe Stafura, Rachel Vistein, Shawn Burton, Yevdokiya Yermolayeva, Blair Armstrong, Patrick Sadtler, Linda Moya, Krishna Subramanian,  Paul Middlebrooks, Joost Wagenaar , Rita Svetlova, Sergio Verduzco, Michael Palazzolo, Roma Konecky, Sam Clanton

Retreat Committee
Current Members: Matt Boring, Kevin Mohsenian

Student members on the CNBC retreat committee assist and facilitate the planning of the annual CNBC retreat. Student, faculty, and postdoctoral representatives meet to plan and schedule events several times over the period from April to October. During the retreat student committee members are responsible for several events:

  • Soliciting interest in and organizing the student data blitz
  • Soliciting student speakers for short presentations during the retreat
  • Moderating the student discussion session
  • Assisting the social chairs with preparations for the student hosted party on the first night of the retreat

**Committee Members for The CNBC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration in 2014.

Past Members: Robert Powers, Sandrine Girard, Kevin Mastro, Kristine Ojala, Berquin Feese, Jared Moreines, Kristine Ojala, Rebecca Gerth**, Xiaonan Liu**, Erin Crowder, Chelsea Reynolds, Rachel Vistein, Kubra Komek, Polina Rachenkova, Adam Large, Shuang Li, Patrick Sadtler, Lindsay Victoria, Jineta Banerjee, Lacey Cirinelli, Shreejoy Tripathy, Krysta Fox, Jesse Sheehan, Erin Zimmerman,  Daniel Jimenez

Social Committee
Current Members: Carmen Fisac, Angelica Herrera, Katrina Nguyen

The CNBC social chairs are responsible for providing an inviting and stimulating social experience for the student community. Working with a provided budget there are several yearly events that the social committee has traditionally hosted, the two most important being a welcoming party for first year students and the student hosted reception on the first night of the CNBC retreat. The social chairs should work with the brain bag coordinators to host several catered discussion sessions over the academic school year. Other events are extremely encouraged. Social chairs should be innovative and creative. Additional funds for events can generally be solicited from the myriad of affiliated departments and graduate student associations from both Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh.

Past members: Kristine Ojala, Kevin Jarbo, Zara Weinberg, Sarah Lichenstein, Michael Leone, Kevin Jarbo, Kevin Mastro, Danielle Rager, Kubra Komek, Regina Leckie, Alba Tuninetti, Lubov Zeifman, Darcy Mandell, Cyrus Omar, Jessica Porter, Shreejoy Tripathy, Nicholas Alba, Valentinos Zachariou, Michelle Gabriele, Erika Taylor, Roma Konecky, Michael Palazzolo, Sergio Verduzco