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List of Interesting Papers

CNBC Computational Neuroscience Group

Current Time: Friday, 9:30am - 11:30am
Place: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
Current Schedule

Date Presenter Food Provider Papers Presentation
7/2/2008 Tai Sing Lee Ryan Poplin Jhuang, Serre, Wolf and Poggio (2007) ICCV. "A Biologically Inspired System for Action Recognition"
7/16/2008 Ryan Poplin Pooya Pakarian Nienborg H, Cumming BG. Psychophysically measured task strategy for disparity discrimination is reflected in V2 neurons. Nature Neuroscience 10, 1608 - 1614 2007. ,
7/30/2008 Pooya Pakarian Doru Balcan Wagon Wheel Illusion (power point file of presentation) ",

9/8/2008 Ryan Kelly Woo-Young Lee Pillow et al. Spatio-temporal correlations and visual signalling in a complete neuronal population (2008)

10/06/2008 Woo-Young Lee Jason Samonds Hegde, Bart, and Kersten (2008) Fragment-based Learning of Visual Objects

11/10/2008 Tai Sing Lee Tai Sing Lee Maneesh Sahani's model on the emergence of simple and complex cells
11/24/2008 Jason Samonds Daniel Leeds Moreno-Bote, Shpiro, Rinzel, and Rubin (2008) Bi-stable depth ordering of superimposed moving gratings
3/05/2009 Daniel Leeds no food Smith and Lewicki: Efficient coding of time-relative structure using spikes

3/20/2009 Daniel Leeds no food Research discussion on hierarchical efficient auditory coding

3/27/2009 Daniel Leeds no food Research discussion on hierarchical efficient auditory coding

4/10/2009 Ryan Poplin no food Ma, Beck, Latham and Pouget (2006) NN. Bayesian inference with probabilistic population codes.

4/24/2009 Tom Stepleton no food TBA

5/1/2009 Woo-Young Lee no food TBA

5/8/2009 Tai Sing Lee no food TBA

6/17/2009 Ryan Kelly no food Kemere et al. (2008) Detecting Neural-State Transitions Using Hidden Markov Models for Motor Cortical Prostheses

7/1/2009 Daniel Leeds no food Gardner and Magnasco. (2006) Sparse time-frequency representations.

9/16/2009 Ryan Kelly no food Friedman et al. (2009) Regularization Paths for Generalized Linear Models via Coordinate Descent

10/6/2009 Carl Doersch no food Lee H. et al. (Andrew Ng) (2009) Convolution Deep Belief Networks for Scalable Unsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Representation

10/27/2009 Daniel Leeds no food Asari et al. (2006) Sparse representations for the cocktail party problem

The official order list is kept here.
If you are presenting, please try to send an announcement to the cns group ( ) by the Friday before the meeting. Also remember to update this web page, which is located on condor in /home/httpd/www/cns/index.html.
If you are getting food, plan for 12 people and try to have the food there before noon.

The CNS seminars are open to the public and are held on Fridays at 9:30am in Mellon Institute Rm 115, Carnegie Mellon University. If you would like to be on our cns-vision mailing list, please contact Dr. Tai Sing Lee at