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List of Interesting Papers

CNBC Computational Neuroscience Group

Time: Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Place: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
Current Schedule

Date Presenter Food Provider Papers Presentation
Mike Lewicki
Yan Karklin Dean, Harper, and McAlpine (2005) "Neural population coding of sound level adapts to stimulus statistics"

2/8/2006 Yan Karklin Brian Potetz Mante, Frazor, Bonin, Geisler, Carandini (2005) "Independence of luminance and contrast in natural scenes and in the early visual system" ppt
2/15/2006 Brian Potetz Matt Smith Mamassian, Jentzsch, Bacon, Schweinberger (2003) "Neural correlates of shape from shading"
Hou, Pettet, Vildavski, Norcia (2006)
"Neural correlates of shape from shading"

2/22/2006 Matt Smith Eizaburo Doi Murray et al. (2006) Rapid brain discrimination of sounds of objects

3/8/2006 Jing Chen Jing Chen Gutig and Sompolinsky (2006) "The tempotron: a neuron that learns spike timing-based decision

3/15/2006 Eizaburo Doi Tai Sing Lee Doi & Lewicki (2006) "Population coding of natural images with sensory and channel noise" (supplementary reading)

3/22/2006 Tai Sing Lee Doru Balcan Komatsu (2006) Neural mechanisms of perceptual filling-in

3/29/2006 Doru Balcan Evan Smith Brunel & Nadal (1998) Mutual Information, Fisher Information, and Population Coding

4/5/2006 Evan Smith Sofia Cavaco Nelken etal. (1999) Responses of auditory-cortex neurons to structural features of natural sounds

4/12/2006 Sofia Cavaco Tom Stepelton Ernst and Banks (2002)

4/19/2006 Tom Stepleton Ryan Kelly

5/3/2006 Ryan Kelly Jason Samonds O'Connor, Petkov, Sutter (2005)

5/24/2006 Jason Samonds Mike Lewicki Anzai A, Ohzawa I, Freeman RD (2001) Joint-encoding of motion and depth by visual cortical neurons: neural basis of the Pulfrich effect

The official order list is kept here. If you are presenting, please try to send an announcement to the cns group ( by the Friday before the meeting. Also remember to update this web page, which is located on condor in /home/httpd/www/cns/index.html. If you are getting food, plan for 12 people and try to have the food there before noon.

The CNS seminars are open to the public and are held on Wed at 12:00pm in Mellon Institute Rm 115, Carnegie Mellon University. If you would like to be on our cns-vision mailing list, please contact Dr. Tai Sing Lee at or Dr. Mike Lewickiat