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List of Interesting Papers

CNBC Computational Neuroscience Group

Time: Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Place: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
Current Schedule

Date Presenter Food Provider Papers Presentation
1/16/2008 Brian Potetz Brian Potetz Research Talk
1/23/2008 Yan Karklin Tai Sing Lee Lewi, Butera, Paninski (2006) "Real-time adaptive information-theoretic optimization of neurophysiology experiments",
Benda, Gollisch, Machens, Herz (2005) "From response to stimulus: adaptive sampling in sensory physiology"

2/13/2008 Tai Sing Lee Arun Sripati Lee et al. (2008) "Neural encoding of scene statistics for surface and object inference ",
Sringer, Perry, Rolls and Proske (2006) "Learning invariance object recognition in the visual system with continuous transformation."

2/20/2008 Arun Sripati Ryan Poplin Cadieu et al. (2007) "A model of v4 shape selectivity and invariance. "

2/27/2008 Ryan Poplin Doru Balcan Rao (2007) "Neural models of Bayesian Belief propagation."

3/19/2008 Doru Balcan Ryan Kelly Choi & Choi (2005) "Relative Trust-Region Learning for ICA"
Choi & Choi (2007) "A Relative Trust-Region Algorithm for ICA"
Zibulevsky (2003) "Blind Source Separation with Relative Newton Method."

3/26/2008 Ryan Kelly Woo-Young Lee Research Talk
4/16/2008 Jason Samonds Daniel Leeds Huang, Levine, and Paradiso (2008) "Rebounding V1 activity and a new visual aftereffect."

4/23/2008 Mike Lewicki Mike Lewicki Chen, Han, Poo, Dan (2007) "Excitatory and suppressive receptive field subunits in awake monkey primary visual cortex (V1)"

5/21/2008 Daniel Leeds Jason Samonds Rao, Cecchi, Peck, Kozloski (2008) "Unsupervised segmentation with dynamical units"

5/28/2008 Wooyoung Lee Brian Potetz Jancke, Chavane, Naaman, Grinvald (2004) "Imaging cortical correlates of illusion in early visual cortex"

6/11/2008 Brian Potetz Tom Stepleton Bethge & Berens (2007) "Near-Maximum Entropy Models for Binary Neural Representations of Natural Images"

6/18/2008 Tom Stepleton Tai Sing Lee

7/2/2008 Tai Sing Lee Ryan Poplin Jhuang, Serre, Wolf and Poggio (2007) ICCV. "A Biologically Inspired System for Action Recognition"

The official order list is kept here.
If you are presenting, please try to send an announcement to the cns group ( ) by the Friday before the meeting. Also remember to update this web page, which is located on condor in /home/httpd/www/cns/index.html.
If you are getting food, plan for 12 people and try to have the food there before noon.

The CNS seminars are open to the public and are held on Wed at 12:00pm in Mellon Institute Rm 115, Carnegie Mellon University. If you would like to be on our cns-vision mailing list, please contact Dr. Tai Sing Lee at or Dr. Mike Lewicki at .