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Calabro, Finnegan

Title: Post Doc with Bea Luna
Department: Psychiatry

Office Address: 121 Meyran Ave

Telephone: (412) 383-8178


Research Description: Neural basis of cognitive development, reward sensitivity, and large-scale brain networks in adolescence.

Card, J. Patrick

Title: Professor
Department: Neuroscience

Office Address: Langley A210

Telephone: 412-624-6995

Fax: 412-624-9198


Research Topics: Characterization of Neural Circuits Methods Development

Case, Dan

Title: Post Doc with Rebecca Seal
Department: Neurobiology

Office Address: BST3 6068

Telephone: 412-383-8518


Research Description: Role of glutamate-acetylcholine co-transmission in synaptic signalling and sensory processing.

Casement, Melynda

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Psychiatry

Office Address: 222 Loeffler

Telephone: (412) 383-8133


Research Description: Neurocognitive mechanisms by which stressful life events and insufficient sleep contribute to depression and other forms of psychopathology

Research Topics: Affective/Clinical Developmental Processes

Cassell, Justine

Title: Associate Vice-Provost, Technology Strategy and Impact
Department: Language Technologies Institute

Office Address: Newell Simon 3519

Telephone: 412-268-4456


Research Topics: Affective/Clinical Developmental Processes Language & Reading

Cerkevich, Christina

Title: Post-Doctoral Associate with Peter Strick
Department: Systems Neuroscience Institute

Office Address: 4079 BST3

Telephone: (412) 648-3379


Research Description: Using transneuronal retrograde transport of rabies virus to reveal the neural substrate for the control of vocalization.

Cesaro, Regina

Title: Graduate Student with Kirk Erikson
Department: Psychology

Office Address: 3417 Sennott Square

Telephone: (412) 807-8055


Chan, Kevin C.

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Ophthalmology, Bioengineering

Office Address: 155 McGowen Center

Telephone: 412-624-1257

Fax: 412-383-6799


Research Description: Structural and functional imaging of the visual system in health and disease

Research Topics: Characterization of Neural Circuits Diseases & Disorders Methods Development Sensation & Perception

Chase, Henry

Title: Post Doc with Mary Phillips
Department: Psychiatry
Institution: UPMC

Office Address: Loeffler 205

Telephone: (412) 383-8207


Research Description: Neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies of mood disorders, incorporating simple computational models of learning and decision making

Chase, Steven

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: CNBC, Biomedical Engineering

Office Address: 115N

Telephone: 412-268-5512

Fax: 412-268-5060


Research Description: Encoding, decoding, and information representation in neural populations

Research Topics: Characterization of Neural Circuits Motor Control Learning & Memory Sensation & Perception

Chaudhry, Shereen

Title: Graduate Student with George Loewenstein
Department: Social and Decision Sciences

Office Address: Porter Hall 321


Chen, Kehui

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Statistics, Psychiatry

Office Address: Cathedral of Learning 2706

Telephone: (412) 624-8719


Research Description: Statistical methodologies in longitudinal data analysis, functional data analysis, network modeling, and its applications in neurocognitive development studies.

Research Topics: Characterization of Neural Circuits Developmental Processes Methods Development

Chen, Weidong

Title: Post Doc with Wei Wang
Department: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Office Address: Keystone Building 319

Telephone: (412) 383-1356


Research Description: Brain machine interfaces and robotic arm control.

Cheung, Mark

Title: Graduate Student with Jose Moura
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office Address: Porter Hall B9


Chiou, Jeffrey

Title: Graduate Student with Aaron Batista
Department: Center for Neuroscience

Office Address: BST3 4074


Chirimuuta, Mazviita

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: History And Philosophy of Science

Office Address: 1017 Cathedral of Learning

Telephone: 412-624-5889


Research Topics: Sensation & Perception

Choe, Daniel Ewon

Title: Post-Doc with Daniel Shaw
Department: Psychology

Office Address: 4423 Sennott Square

Telephone: (412) 624-4594


Research Description: Development of antisocial behavior in the early lifespan and its contextual, cognitive, neural, and genetic risk factors.

Chowdhury, Tara

Title: Post Doc with Bita Moghaddam
Department: Neuroscience

Office Address: Langley Hall

Telephone: (412) 624-4537


Research Description: Contribution of sex differences and adolescent development to vulnerability to psychiatric illnesses

Clark, Rebecca

Title: Business Manager
Department: CNBC

Office Address: MI 115D

Telephone: (412) 268-1899

Fax: (412) 268-5060


Clemens, Katerina

Title: Graduate Student with Sandra Kuhlman
Department: Center for Neuroscience

Office Address: BST3

Telephone: (412) 648-9590