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04-28 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Brain Bag: Gina (Cesaro) Leckie

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CNBC Colloquium Peter Hagoort

2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC Retreat
2012 Annual CNBC RetreatSeven Springs Mountain Resort
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Walker, Christopher

Title: Graduate Student with Raymond Cho
Department: Psychology


Walsh, Nicholas

Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow with Mary Phillips
Department: Psychiatry

Office Address: LOEFF 203

Telephone: (412) 383-8194


Wang, Wei View Profile

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bioengineering

Office Address: Kaufmann 202

Telephone: (412) 648-6666


Research Description: Neuroprosthetics and motor system neuroscience and rehabilitation

Research Topics: Executive Control & Memory Language & Reading Motor Control

Weaver, Cassandra

Title: Graduate Student with Tracy Cui
Department: Bioengineering

Office Address: BST3 5063

Telephone: (412) 383-6672


Research Description: Electrically controlled drug delivery in cultured neuronal networks

Weber, Doug

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Bioengineering, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Office Address: BST3 5037

Telephone: (412) 647-4531

Fax: (412) 692-4531


Research Topics: Diseases & Disorders Motor Control Sensation & Perception

Wegener, Meredyth

Title: Graduate Student
Department: Center for Neuroscience


Wehbe, Leila

Title: Graduate Student with Tom Mitchell
Department: Machine Learning

Office Address: GHC 8021


Weinstein, Andrea

Title: Graduate Student with Kirk Erickson
Department: Psychology

Office Address: Sennott Square 3209

Telephone: (412) 624-4524


Wen, Jing

Title: Post Doc with Nathan Urban
Department: Biological Sciences

Office Address: MI R183

Telephone: (412) 268-9818


Research Description: In vivo two-photon microscopy technique to study circuit wiring, plasticity and sensory processing in rodent olfactory bulb.

Wheeler, Mark E. View Profile

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Psychology

Office Address: LRDC 608

Telephone: (412) 624-7029

Fax: (412) 624-9149


Research Topics: Learning & Memory

Whitford, Andrew

Title: Graduate Student
Department: Bioengineering


Research Description: Adaptive behavior, cortical networks, brain-computer interfaces, and neural engineering

Wiese, Tatjana

Title: Graduate Student with Brent Doiron
Department: CNBC

Office Address: Thackeray 527


Wiley, Clayton Popular View Profile

Title: Professor
Department: Pathology

Office Address: UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, M8741 South Tower

Telephone: (412) 647-9417

Fax: (412) 647-5602


Research Description: Neuroinflammation & viral mediated neurodegeneration

Research Topics: Diseases & Disorders

Willard, Amanda

Title: Graduate Student with Aryn Gittis
Department: Biological Sciences

Office Address: MI 161

Telephone: (412) 268-5860


Williams, Jordan

Title: Post Doc with Andrew Schwarts
Department: Systems Neuroscience Institute

Office Address: McGowan 245


Research Description: Neural basis of learning and plasticity, specifically as applied to a novel brain-computer interface task.

Wodlinger, Brian

Title: Post-Doc with Wei Wang
Department: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Office Address: Keystone 314

Telephone: (216) 235-9906


Research Description: Processing of ECoG signals in humans for BCI applications.

Wu, Wayne

Title: Associate Professor and Associate Director
Department: CNBC

Office Address: MI 115K

Telephone: (412) 268-3921

Fax: (412) 268-5060


Research Topics: Spatial Cognition & Attention Sensation & Perception Motor Control Executive Control & Memory