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1 20th Anniversay Celebration
2 A Face to Remember
3 CNBC Facuilty member Verstynen is co-author on an entertaining book which uses zombies to help illustrate human neuroscience
4 CNBC Faculty Tokowicz’s Monograph on Lexical Processing and Second Language Acquisition
5 PA Congressman Fattah Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Pittsburgh's Center for Neural Basis of Cognition
6 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Mark Roth To Receive First Friend of the CNBC Award
7 Neurons and Other Memories" Opens at CMU's Miller Gallery
8 Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh Celebrate 20 Years of Advancing Brain Research Through Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
9 Brain Researchers at White House
10 Carnegie Mellon Team Awarded NSF Grant to Combine Biophysical and Statistical Models of Neuronal Computation
11 Flexing the Brain: Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Scientists Discover Why Learning Tasks Can Be Difficult
12 CMU Launches BrainHub
13 Neuroscience and Big Data: Carnegie Mellon's Byron M. Yu Describes How To Find Simplicity in the Brain
14 Haven't I Seen This Before?" Researchers Show How Neurons Respond to Sequences of Familiar Objects
15 IGN Taps Carnegie Mellon Startup Neon Labs for 30 Percent Boost in Video Views
16 Carnegie Mellon's Rob Kass Details How Statisticians Are Imperative To Advance Federal BRAIN Initiative
17 Danielle Rager is awarded a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
18 New Major In Neuroscience
19 Diego Pafundo Receives Grant from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation
20 CNBC faculty member Tai Sing Lee was featured in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.
21 Ricardo Dolmetsch To Receive Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences
22 Skills in Action
23 CNBC graduate student, Suchitra Ramachandran has placed 2nd in the CMU Three Minute Thesis competition
24 Marlene Behrmann to receive the George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professorship in Cognitive Neuroscience
25 Marlene Cohen Selected as Recipient of a 2014 Sloan Research Fellowship
26 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon's Roberta Klatzky To Receive Queenan Professorship in Psychology
27 Carnegie Mellon's Timothy Verstynen Earns NSF CAREER Award To Study How the Brain Learns Complex Sequence Skills
28 A Psychology Breakthrough: Carnegie Mellon Researchers Use Sensory Integration Model To Understand Unconscious Priming
29 NFL, UPMC Announce First-Round Winners of $20 million "Head Health Challenge."
30 Pitt Establishes Brain Institute to Unlock Mysteries of the Brain, Discover Novel Therapies
31 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon's J. David Creswell Receives American Psychological Association Early Career Award
32 Marlene Behrmann Succeeds Michael J. Tarr as CMU Co-Director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
33 November Research Round-Up
34 The many layers of specification and plasticity in the neocortex.
35 Two scientists try to answer the question: How would the inside of a zombie's head look?
36 6. Origins of correlated spiking in the mammalian olfactory bulb.
37 Mysteries of the Mind: Researchers work to unravel causes of autism
38 Absorbing Information
39 Brain gain: How our region will benefit from the federal BRAIN initiative
40 Tour Your Future: Department of Biological Sciences at CMU
41 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Appoints Marlene Behrmann New Co-Director of Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
42 Press Release: Michael J. Tarr To Head Carnegie Mellon's Department of Psychology
43 CNBC Researchers Identify Changes in Motor Cortex After Extended Exercise of Motor Skills
44 July Research Round-Up
45 Pacific Rim: Robots in the Real World
46 CNBC Postdocs Win Best Poster Presentation Award
47 May Research Round-Up
48 CNBC Alumna named one of Inc. Magazine's 10 Women to Watch in Tech
49 Neuroscientists Make Discovery; Could Lead to Better Understanding of Learning and Memory
50 Steven Chase Selected as a 2013-2014 Wimmer Faculty Fellow at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation
51 Carnegie Mellon Joins Launch of NSF-Sponsored Alliance To Mentor African-American Computer Scientists
52 Carnegie Mellon To Present NIMH's Leslie Ungerleider With Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences
53 Research Round-Up: April
54 Peter Strick Recipient of 2013 Chancellor's Award
55 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon’s Lori Holt Wins National Academy of Sciences Troland Research Award
56 Woman With Quadriplegia Feeds Herself Chocolate Using Mind-Controlled Robot Arm
57 Carnegie Mellon's Alison Barth Receives Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award From McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience
58 Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition Researchers Find That Parietal Neurons Code for Emotional Salience
59 The Cognitive Neuroscience of Zombies
60 Two New CNBC faculty honored by Eppendorf/Science Prize
61 Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop September 5-6, 2012
62 Startup Uses Neuroscience To Improve Online Video Clicks
63 New CNBC and Psychology hire Tim Verstynen featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education
64 Carnegie Mellon University's Shawn Kelly Develops Novel Technologies To Restore Vision
65 Inaugural Lecture by Peter L. Strick, Ph.D.
66 Valence Perception
67 Rothberg Award Recipient and CNBC Undergrad Presents at TEDx
68 CNBC student Shreejoy Tripathy to attend Allen Brain Institute Hackathon
69 Peter Strick Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
70 Alum Q&A With Thomas Nichols
71 In Memoriam — George Cowan
72 New Brain Imaging and Computer Modeling Predicts Autistic Brain Activity and Behavior
73 Chancellor Nordenberg Names Winners of Distinguished Teaching, Research, and Public Service Awards
74 CNBC Executive Board Member Walt Schneider's Lab Develops a New Brain Imaging Method
75 Introducing PAL 2012
76 Mind, Brain & Learning: The Next Frontier
77 MEG Research Seed Funds
78 MATLAB mini-course featured by
79 Essay on Greg Dunn Featured by Neurosurgery
80 No Small Gesture
81 CNBC Faculty Celebrate Bill Dietrich's Historic Gift
82 The Cowan Young Investigator Lectures at CNBC
83 The CNBC is More Than Science
84 CNBC Faculty Member Wayne Wu Co-Edits New Book on Attention
85 CNBC Welcomes New Ph.D. Students
86 CNBC Co-Director Michael Tarr Featured in CMU Today
87 Weak Synchronization in Toddler Brains May Be a Biological Marker for Autism
88 Peter Strick Appointed to Special Faculty Rank of Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology
89 How the Brain Processes Faces: Neural System Responsible for Face Recognition Discovered
90 CNBC member J. David Creswell is featured as a rising star in psychological science in the May/June issue of the APS Observer.
91 Functional MRI in Clinical Research and Practice: Measurement, Design and Analysis
92 Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Detail Phenomenon That Explains Mechanisms Neurons Use To Decide How To Transmit Information
93 CMU Scans Temple Grandin's Brain for Autism Research
94 Controlling a Computer With Thoughts?
95 Kurt-Koffka-Medal awarded to Prof. Roberta Klatzky
96 Nature Reviews Bard Ermentrout's Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience
97 Computational Neuroscience Faculty Search
98 Winter Break Matlab Mini-course
99 CNBC Researchers’ ranked in Top 7 papers in Neuroscience
100 Peter Gianaros is a 2010 recipient of a Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution to Psychology award by the APA
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