ARSCC approved Xenu's World Tour

July 27, 1996: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Xenu Kicks Off World Tour in Michigan

ANN ARBOR - July 27 (SP Straightwire). On the first stop of his Grand Tour of the Planet, Lord Xenu, former head of the Galactic Federation and star of the Scientology document "OT III", made a public appearance at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Escorted by a four-person PR team from ARSCC Dissem Div/Great Lakes Section, Lord Xenu was most pleased by the public acclaim that greeted his Second Coming to Teegeeack (Earth).

Xenu at the art fair

The art fair is an annual event that attracts thousands of people from around the country: artists, craftspersons, and a sprinkling of musicians and political activists. Just below Xenu's collar is a nametag saying "Hi! I'm Xenu". Many were pleased to meet him.

Xenu at the Org

After meeting his public, Xenu partook in a "photo op" in front of the Ann Arbor Org.

Xenu and SPs at the Org

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