NOTE: This is a back-up page for people who do not (yet) have access to Canvas.

85-419/719: Introduction to Parallel Distributed Processing

Fall 2020, Tue/Thu 9:50-11:10am

Lectures on Zoom: (get passcode from instructor)

Instructor: David Plaut <>
Arrange meetings by email; Zoom Meeting ID: 544-375-7807

TA: Abhishek Dedhe <>
Office hours: TBD; Zoom Meeting ID: 392-137-8979



We will be using a software package called "Lens" (for Light Efficient Network Simulator). Follow the instructions below depending on your laptop's operating system:

If you have any problems getting Lens running, contact the instructor. The precompiled versions come with an offline (local) copy of the Lens manual that can be accessed by pointing your web browser at Manual/index.html in the Lens folder.


Tue Sep 1: Overview and basic principles (slides)

Thu Sep 3: Lens tutorial [INSTALL LENS]

Tue Sep 8: Constraint satisfaction (slides)

Thu Sep 10: Schema theory (slides)

Tue Sep 15: Localist vs. distributed representations (slides)

Thu Sep 17: Correlation-based learning (Hebb rule) (slides) [HOMEWORK 1 DUE]