Benjamin's soccer, Renewing wedding vows
10 Feb 2008
p1010332  Marlene's latest quilt p1010336  B's school basketball uniform p1010337 p1010361 p1010367  Travel soccer game p1010371
p1010377 p1010379 p1010384 p1010397 p1010400 p1010403
p1010408 p1010418 p1010431  Karate Kid p1010432  At home before renewing wedding vows p1010433 p1010435  check-in at the museum
p1010439  cheesy photo backdrop p1010441 p1010442  pre-ceremony entertainment p1010444 p1010445 p1010446
p1010448 p1010460  28-year-old Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl (presided over ceremony) p1010463  post-ceremony reception p1010464 p1010465 p1010466
p1010430 p1010370 p1010406 p1010424 p1010461  End of actual ceremony p1010368
reunion  Video posted by local newspaper (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) p1010426 p1010428