S. Africa: Game Drive
22 Apr 2008
p1010719  heading out to the game park p1010720 p1010724 p1010725  there's a hippo under there p1010726 p1010728  black rhino
p1010729 p1010730  two lions in the distance (middle left of photo) p1010733  two lions sitting together under tree p1010744  rhino w/ baby p1010747 p1010748
p1010750 p1010752 p1010753 p1010754 p1010755 p1010756
p1010757 p1010758 p1010759 p1010760 p1010761 p1010762
p1010763 p1010764 p1010765 p1010766 p1010767  what a cutie p1010768
p1010769  male lion p1010771  female lion p1010772 p1010773 p1010774 p1010775
p1010776 p1010777 p1010778 p1010779 p1010780 p1010781
p1010782 p1010783 p1010784 p1010786 p1010787 p1010788
p1010790  warthogs p1010791 p1010792 p1010793 p1010794 p1010795  two rhinos
p1010796 p1010797  rare African back-hoe p1010798  guinea fowel p1010799  kudu p1010800 p1010808  herd of elephants w/ baby
p1010811 p1010814 p1010816 p1010818  protecting the baby p1010819 p1010820
p1010821 p1010824 p1010825 p1010827 p1010828 p1010829
p1010832 p1010835 p1010836 p1010837 p1010838 p1010839  there's the baby
p1010840 p1010841 p1010849  zebra p1010851  on way home p1010852 p1010853  gift shop (don't buy the rhino head)
p1010854 p1010855 p1010856 p1010857 p1010770 p1010845
p1010846 p1010830 p1010831 p1010813 p1010785 p1010844