School Play, Talent Show, Graduation, Toronto
27 May 2008
p1020378  Daniel's class play p1020380 p1020381 p1020384 p1020385 p1020394  Asher Grinberg and Rachel Rollman
p1020395  Asher with Naomi p1020401 p1020402 p1020403 p1020407  with friend Noah p1020409
p1020412 p1020415 p1020416 p1020428 p1020431 p1020433
p1020435 p1020445  Graduation party for Marlene's students Cibu and Dwight p1020446 p1020447 p1020449 p1020456  Costume party (graduation)
p1020457  with colleage Ken Kotovsky p1020458 p1020459 p1020461  Al Gore with President Cohen and Provost Kamlet in front of him p1020462 p1020466
p1020469 p1020473  Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) p1020476  Patrick Suppes (philosopher) p1020478 p1020480 p1020481
p1020484 p1020486 p1020495 p1020496  Cibu getting diploma p1020497 p1020498
p1020517  with friend Aaron Kreimer p1020526 p1020527  on Toronto subway to Walk for Israel p1020529 p1020531 p1020535
p1020536 p1020537 p1020538 p1020541 p1020544 p1020548
p1020550 p1020555 p1020559  playing Guitar Hero afterwards p1020560  back on subway p1020562 p1020565
p1020566 p1020571  no comment p1020574 p1020450 p1020452 p1020453
p1020419 p1020399 p1020398 p1020514 p1020379 p1020545
p1020460 p1020515 p1020400 p1020507 p1020513 p1020482
p1020508 p1020477 p1020488 p1020487 p1020511 p1020510
p1020397 p1020512 p1020489 p1020451