Kennedy Space Center
24 Dec 2008
P1030827 P1030828 P1030829 P1030830  Map of Cape Canaveral P1030832  Old Shuttle and external fuel tank with solid rocket booster(s) P1030833
P1030836  Inside Shuttle P1030837  cargo bay P1030838 P1030839  launch facilities on Cape Canaveral P1030840 P1030842
P1030843  Assembly building (about 5 miles away) P1030844 P1030846 P1030849  Bald Eagle nest P1030851  Assembly building (blue area of flag is size of basketball court; stars are 6ft across) P1030852
P1030854  Shuttle launch pad (1 of 2); also where moon missions launched from P1030856 P1030859 P1030861 P1030862 P1030863
P1030870  tractor marks from crawler P1030871 P1030873 P1030875  crawlers P1030877 P1030879  another eagle nest
P1030882 P1030883  launch control (mission control is in Houston) P1030884 P1030885  Saturn V rocket on display P1030886 P1030888
P1030889 P1030890  lunar rover P1030891 P1030892  lunar lander P1030893 P1030894
P1030895  first stage rockets (enormous) P1030896 P1030897 P1030898  monks P1030900 P1030901  "rocket garden" (older/smaller rockets)
P1030902 P1030903 P1030904  Mercury 1 capsule (Alan Shepard, first man in space) P1030905 P1030906 P1030907
P1030908 P1030909 P1030910  Mercury 1 rocket