Cortex Related Source Code

In the process of using Cortex, our lab has generated some general tools that could be of some benefit to others.  We can not promise support, but the code is in active use and development. If you have general questions about Cortex, you should first look at the Cortex home page. If you have questions about this code, you can try sending them to Rick Romero (who is currently a very busy grad student :)

Matlab Routines
ctx2mat A routine that can read in Cortex generated data files into a Matlab list. This requires the use of Matlab 5.0 or greater. This code takes care of byte ordering problems across machines.
ctxgroup Group trials according to condition number, removing incorrect responses.
ctxanim Create a Cortex bitmap or animation file from within Matlab.
convfloats Read in floating point data encoded into the Cortex data file using the extenc.[ch] routines.
convints Read in integer data encoded into the Cortex data file using the extenc.[ch] routines.
encodes A file that defines a structure "Encodes" which has as named members various encodes. In other words, you can reference in Matlab the value Encodes.TURN_TEST0_ON, instead of referencing the number 23 directly.

Cortex/CSS Program Libraries
extenc.c, extenc.h A set of routines that allow you to encode arbitrary numbers into a Cortex data file. For instance, suppose you randomly select a target location within your CSS code. This code allows you to store that in the data file.