Jason M. Samonds, PhD


Research Associate


mesnow2Visual perception is an interactive process involving prediction, identification, classification, and decision or reaction. My interest is in understanding how the visual cortex takes local information about discontinuities (e.g., edges) and forms a global percept. Specifically, how does the cortex integrate distributed signals in order to identify correlations and patterns among those discontinuities? The problem is compounded by the fact that patterns and objects are typically embedded within an environment that also contains structure and correlation. We use knowledge from natural scene statistics, psychophysical data, and computer vision algorithms to formulate hypotheses, and we employ rigorous statistical analyses on simultaneous recordings from multiple neurons distributed across the cortical network. Our results provide us with clues on how the brain is able to segment and identify objects, as well as reveal properties of the underlying cortical mechanisms.


115 Mellon Institute

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Carnegie Mellon University




Computational Neuroscience Group


Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition


Brain Group


Active Perception Laboratory


Brain Science Seminar






Vanderbilt University


V1 Circuitry




Vision Sciences Society


Milwaukee School of Engineering


Society for Neuroscience




Computational and Systems Neuroscience




Neural Information Processing Systems




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