One of the core purposes of the CNBC is to support CMU-Pitt collaborations. In order to help build collaboration in the face of the success and growth of the CNBC, we will be trying a new program: the funding of Collaboration Clusters (CCs) in focused topical areas. This program will be a flexible way of providing modest resources to encourage Pitt and CMU faculty and trainees to exchange ideas, strengthen existing ties, and build new collaborations. We hope that these resources will encourage joint publications and joint grant submissions. 
Investigators with a common research interest are encouraged to self-organize into CCs to hold focused scientific meetings that encourage scientific exchange across CMU and Pitt. Active CCs will be identified on the CNBC website, and will be eligible for reimbursement for refreshments or other appropriate meeting costs through the CNBC. A typical CC group can request modest support (up to $5,000) for collaborative efforts over a one year period. 
Applications for CCs will be accepted at any time. CCs are expected to:

  • Identify their research focus and describe why this focus is timely and/or why it represents a special opportunity for the CMU/Pitt community. This may include evidence that this area is a priority of federal or other funders.  
  • Identify the PIs whose laboratories make up the CC, which must include at least two Pitt and two CMU PIs.
  • List a Faculty Chair and a Trainee Chair whose contact information will appear on the CNBC website; moreover, the Faculty and Trainee Chairs must be from different institutions and laboratories.
  • Include strong representation from both CMU and Pitt.
  • Describe a plan to hold research meetings that are open and welcoming and that are advertised to the entirety of the CNBC. Groups must also commit to welcoming any new members who self-identify as interested in the CC topic.
  • Describe the proposed format for the CC meeting(s), including the frequency and duration of the meeting(s) and the way in which scientific ideas will be disseminated. Note that there is no required format for CC meetings, as long as the format encourages participants to learn about ongoing research interests and ideas. 
  • Describe the meeting costs that are anticipated, including the expected amount of support that will be requested.


2020 Funded Clusters

For information contact the co-director from your university: Julie Fiez (Pitt) or Lori Holt (CMU).