One of the core purposes of the CNBC is to support CMU-Pitt collaborations. In order to help build collaboration in the face of the success and growth of the CNBC, we will be trying a new program: the funding of Collaboration Clusters (CCs) in focused topical areas. This program will be a flexible way of providing modest resources to encourage Pitt and CMU faculty and trainees to exchange ideas, strengthen existing ties, and build new collaborations. We hope that these resources will encourage joint publications and joint grant submissions.   

Investigators with a common research interest are encouraged to self-organize into CCs to hold focused scientific meetings that encourage scientific exchange across CMU and Pitt. Active CCs will be identified on the CNBC website, and will be eligible for reimbursement for refreshments or other appropriate meeting costs through the CNBC. A typical CC group may request up to $5,000 to support the development of collaborative efforts over a one year period. 

Applications for CCs will be accepted at any time; however, we will begin review on 8 September 2019 for applicants for groups hoping to meet starting this fall. All requests will be considered. Contact Barb Dorney with questions.

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