The CNBC will cover the cost of one computer for each graduate student in good standing for on-campus educational and research computing needs.  Students may specify a brand and model, but all requests are subject to cost review.  We will purchase machines up to $1000 that are suitable for general computing tasks. The dollar figure may be adjusted from year to year subject to the availability of funds and changes in computer equipment costs. Students in Ph.D. programs that normally provide comparable computers to their students are not eligible for a second computer from the CNBC, and a student is only eligible to receive one computer from the CNBC during their time in the graduate program. Note that although this equipment is being provided for student use, it remains the property of the university.

To request a computer, CMU students should contact Dave Touretzky, and Pitt students should contact Emily Bandi, to work out a proposed vendor and configuration. Once the computer is approved, a CNBC administrator (Melissa Stupka for CMU, Emily Bandi for Pitt) will issue the purchase order and arrange for delivery. Students should allow at least three weeks between approval and expected delivery.