CMU Students Cross Registering for Pitt Courses: Obtain a PCHE (Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education) form from the HUB website (listed under registration). When filling out the form, indicate that you are in a Joint Program and list CNBC.  Also, note that where the form asks for a Pitt course number, what’s required is a 5-digit number like 17405, not “MSNBIO 2102”. Get these numbers from the Pitt course bulletin. Take the completed form to the CMU Registrar (the HUB) to process. If you need to take more than one Pitt course in the same semester, special authorization must be obtained; contact Dave Touretzky for help with this.

Pitt Students Cross Registering for CMU Courses: Please check with your department administrative office regarding specific procedures.  In general, the student picks up the cross-registration form from the Dean’s office and obtains the various required signatures.  The completed form is taken to the Registrar’s office at G-1 Thackeray.  The Registrar sends the form to CMU.  CMU notifies the Registrar and the student that the cross-registration is accepted or declined.  If the student is advised that a class is closed or if the student wishes to cross-register for more than one class per term, the CNBC administrator may be able to assist in overcoming these types of declinations.  The Registrar’s contact information is:  412-624-7649 and