The CNBC administers two training programs to which individuals may apply even before arrival in Pittsburgh.

  • CNBC Graduate Training Program. This certificate program is open to students pursuing Ph.D.s in CNBC-affiliated departments. Participants take a set of core courses in cellular, systems, computational and cognitive neuroscience and engage in various activities fostering cross-campus interaction among individuals interested in the neural mechanisms of cognition. Students may apply for membership when applying to a CNBC-affiliated doctoral program or at any time after arrival.  Apply Online.
  • Program in Neural Computation (PNC). This Ph.D. program is designed specifically for students with a strong computational background (in an area such as computer science, physics, mathematics or engineering) who wish to work in a field in which computational approaches are applied to the understanding of the nervous system. It is administered by CMU’s Neuroscience Institute. The training faculty are drawn from both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Apply Online. In addition, a Ph.D. in Statistics and Neural Computation is offered jointly through the CNBC and the Department of Statistics. This degree is aimed at students who want to join the PNC program, while also specializing in statistics.


The CNBC also administers three training programs designed to provide in-depth interdisciplinary training in particular subjects relevant to cognitive neuroscience. Students typically apply to these programs during or after their first year in the CNBC Graduate Training Program.