Within the CNBC, our over 200 world-class faculty and trainees are investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms that give rise to biological intelligence and behavior. Research topics include affective, cognitive, linguistic, perceptual, motor and social systems in both normal and disordered populations, as well as computational neuroscience. The CNBC also promotes the translation of findings from basic research into applications for medicine, education, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Graduate Student Experience page contains videos of CNBC graduate students describing what it is like being a part of our programs and living in Pittsburgh.

CNBC Graduate Training Program. This certificate program is open to students pursuing Ph.D.s in CNBC-affiliated departments. Participants take a set of core courses in cellular, systems, computational and cognitive neuroscience and engage in various activities fostering cross-campus interaction among individuals interested in the neural mechanisms of cognition. Students may apply for membership upon admission to a CNBC-affiliated doctoral program or at any time after arrival in Pittsburgh.

In addition, the CNBC administers the Behavioral Brain Research Training Program (B2 ). This program provides in-depth interdisciplinary training in neuroscience to graduate students with a background in the behavioral sciences or vice versa.