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2005-2006 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
September 6 Roma Konecky Amiez, Joseph and Procyk (2005) Anterior cingulate error-related activity is modulated by predicted reward
September 13 Matt Smith Luno, Hernandez, Brody and Romo (2005) Neural codes for perceptual discrimination in primary somatosensory cortex
September 20 Cathy Dunn Mullette-Gillman, Cohen and Groh (2005) Eye-centered, head-centered and complex coding of visual and auditory targets in the intraparietal sulcus
September 27 Tamara Berdyyeva No reading necessary - data presentation
October 4 Soo Yoon Shin Thompson, Bichot and Sato (2005) Frontal eye field activity before visual search errors reveals the integration of bottom-up and top-down salience.
October 11 Patrick Mayo Park, Schlag-Rey and Schlag (2005) Frames of reference for saccadic command, tested by saccade collision in the supplementary eye field
October 18 Brittanie Sather Thompson, Biscoe, and Sato (2005) Neuronal Basis of Covert Spatial Attention in the Frontal Eye Field.
October 25 David McMahon Commentary on manuscript draft
November 1 Charlotte Taylor Curtis, Cole, Rao and D'Esposito (2005) Canceling planned action: an fMRI study of countermanding saccades
November 8 Eli Merriam *** 2:00 PM *** Dissertation Defense Talk Practice *** 2:00PM ***
November 15 SfN November 12-16
November 22 SfN Summary Be prepared to discuss a poster/talk from SfN
November 29 Bruno Averbeck BST 1495 at 12:00 PM - "Prefrontal representation of learning in a sequential decision making task"
December 6 Brittanie Sather Practice thesis defense
December 13 David McMahon LRDC 2nd Floor Auditorium at 10:00 AM - Dissertation Defense
January 10 Jason Samonds Hirabayashi and Miyashita (2005) Dynamically Modulated Spike Correlation in Monkey Inferior Temporal Cortex Depending on the Feature Configuration within a Whole Object
January 17 Matt Smith Webb, Dhruv, Solomon, Tailby and Lennie (2005) Early and Late Mechanisms of Surround Suppression in Striate Cortex of Macaque
January 24 Charlotte Taylor Dapretto et al. (2006) Understanding emotions in others: mirror neuron dysfunction in children with autism spectrum disorders
January 31 Soo Yoon Shin Sato and Hikosaka (2002) Role of primate substantia nigra pars reticulate in reward-oriented saccadic eye movement
Feburary 7 Trinity Crapse Royal et al. (2005) Correlates of motor planning and postsaccadic fixation in the macaque monkey lateral geniculate nucleus
Feburary 14 Patrick Mayo Thompson and Schall (1999) The detection of visual signals by macaque frontal eye field during masking
Feburary 21 Cathy Dunn Sumner et al. (In Press) Which visual pathways cause fixation-related inhibition?
Feburary 28 Tamara Berdyyeva Inoue and Mikami (2006) Prefrontal Activity During Serial Probe Reproduction Task: Encoding, Mnemonic, and Retrieval Processes
March 7 Roma Konecky Brovelli et al. (2005) High gamma frequency oscillatory activity dissociates attention from intention in the human premotor cortex
March 14 Arun Sripati Eifuku et al (2004) Neuronal correlates of face identification in the monkey anterior temporal cortical areas.
March 21 Jason Samonds Menz and Freeman (2003) Stereoscopic depth processing in the visual cortex: a coarse-to-fine mechanism
March 28 Matt Smith McAdams and Reid (2005) Attention modulates the responses of simple cells in monkey primary visual cortex
April 4 Cathy Dunn Bisley and Goldberg (2006) Neural Correlates of Attention and Distractibility in the Lateral Intraparietal Area
April 11 Patrick Mayo Xiao, Barborica and Ferrera (2006) Radial motion bias in macaque frontal eye field
April 18 Charlotte Taylor Hihara et al (2006) Extension of corticocortical afferents into the anterior bank of the intraparietal sulcus by tool-use training in adult monkeys
April 25 Arun Sripati Zoccolan et al (2005) Multiple object response normalization in monkey inferotemporal cortex
May 2 Neural Control of Movement Society May 2-7
May 9 NCM Recap
May 16 Tamara Berdyyeva Shuler and Bear (2006) Reward timing in the primary visual cortex
May 23 Roma Konecky Mansouri et al (2006) Prefrontal Cell Activities Related to Monkeys' Success and Failure in Adapting to Rule Changes in a Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Analog
May 30 Trinity Crapse Ferraina et al (2002) Comparison of cortico-cortical and cortico-collicular signals for the generation of saccadic eye movements
June 6 Soo Yoon Shin Armstrong et al (2006) Changes in visual receptive fields with microstimulation of frontal cortex.
June 13 Jason Samonds No reading necessary - data presentation
June 20 Tamara Berdyyeva Histed and Miller (2006) Microstimulation of frontal cortex can reorder a remembered spatial sequence
June 27 No Meeting
July 11 Cathy Dunn Maimon and Assad (2006) A cognitive signal for the proactive timing of action in macaque LIP
July 18 Patrick Mayo Wardak et al (2006) Contribution of the monkey frontal eye field to covert visual attention
July 25 Trinity Crapse Wallace et al (1997) Visual response properties and visuotopic representation in the newborn monkey superior colliculus