Plaut Lab - Carnegie Mellon University


M.S. Students Field Completion Dissertation Title
Jennifer Brace Psychology May 2006 Clarification and Challenge of a Definition of "Task Set" Based on Task Switching
Sean McGuire Psychology May 1997 Systematicity and Specialization in Semantics: A Computational Account of Optic Aphasia

Ph.D. Students Field Completion Dissertation Title
Robert (Bo) Powers Psychology Aug 2019 (est.) Empirical studies and computational modeling of the co-development of action understanding and action production
Blair Armstrong Psychology Aug 2012 The Temporal Dynamics of Word Comprehension and Response Selection: Computational and Behavioral Studies
Roxanne Thrush Psychology Jul 2010 Attachment Biases in Cardiovascular and Behavioral Responses to Stressors
Christine Watson Psychology Sep 2009 Computational and Behavioral Studies of Normal and Impaired Noun/Verb Processing
Steve Gotts Psychology Aug 2002 Mechanisms Underlying Enhanced Processing Efficiency in Neural Systems
Doug Rohde Computer Science Feb 2002 A Connectionist Model of Sentence Comprehension and Production
Matt Botvinick Psychology Aug 2001 The Regulation of Control: Two Computational Studies

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows Dates Current Position
Masataka Nakayama 2016- Modeling the relationship between word learning, auditory statistical learning, verbal working memory, and episodic memory
Amanda Robinson 2015-17 Studies of the interdependence of face and word processing using ERPs and attentional blink paradigms
Adrian Nestor 2009-13 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto (Scarborough)
Sarah Laszlo 2009-12 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, SUNY Binghamton
Daisy Powell 2002-04 Associate Professor, Institute of Education, University of Reading
Mark Orr 2002-04 Associate Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Laura Gonnerman 1999-01 Associate Professor, McGill University
Mike Harm 1999-02 Research Scientist, Stanford Medical School
Chris Kello 1996-98 Professor, University of California, Merced