Finnegan Calabro

Post Doc with Bea Luna Phone: (412) 383-8178
University of PittsburghPsychiatry Address 121 Meyran Ave
Research Description

Neural basis of cognitive development, reward sensitivity, and large-scale brain networks in adolescence.

Maria Catalina Camacho

Graduate Student with Susan Perlman Phone: 412-648-9590
University of PittsburghCNUP Address E1440 BSTWR

Martha Canto Bustos

Post Doc with Anne-Marie Oswald Phone: (412) 636-7135
University of PittsburghNeuroscience Address Langley 573
Research Description

Neuronal assemblies in piriform cortex using different odor learning contexts.

Nicholas Card

Graduate Student with Omar Gharbawie Phone: (412) 383-9961
University of PittsburghBioengineering Address 4069 BST3

Dan Case

Post Doc with Rebecca Seal Phone: 412-383-8518
University of PittsburghNeurobiology Address BST3 6068
Research Description

Role of glutamate-acetylcholine co-transmission in synaptic signalling and sensory processing.

Justine Cassell

Associate Vice-Provost, Technology Strategy and Impact Phone: 412-268-4456
Photo of Justine Cassell
Carnegie Mellon UniversityLanguage Technologies Institute Address Newell Simon 3519 Website: http://www.justinecassell.com

Christina Cerkevich

Post-Doctoral Associate with Peter Strick Phone: (412) 648-3379
University of PittsburghSystems Neuroscience Institute Address 4079 BST3
Research Description

Using transneuronal retrograde transport of rabies virus to reveal the neural substrate for the control of vocalization.

Kevin C. Chan

Assistant Professor Phone: 412-624-1257 Fax: 412-383-6799
Photo of Kevin C. Chan
University of PittsburghOphthalmology Secondary Department Bioengineering (Pitt) Address 155 McGowen Center Website: http://ophthalmology.medicine.pitt.edu/personnelDetail.asp?pid=4958&id=127&ptype=2&pnavcat=2

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Diseases & Disorders, Methods Development, Sensation & Perception

Research Description

Structural and functional imaging of the visual system in health and disease

Santosh Chandrasekaran

Post Doc with Lee Fisher Phone: (412) 624-4728
University of PittsburghPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Address Keystone 300
Research Description

We aim to restore sensory feedback to amputees through stimulation of dorsal spinal cord and roots (DSCR).

Henry Chase

Post Doc with Mary Phillips Phone: (412) 383-8207
UPMCPsychiatry Address Loeffler 205
Research Description

Neuroimaging and neuropsychological studies of mood disorders, incorporating simple computational models of learning and decision making

Steven Chase

Associate Professor Phone: 412-268-5512 Fax: 412-268-5060
Photo of Steven Chase
Carnegie Mellon UniversityCNBC Secondary Department Biomedical Engineering (CMU) Address 115N Website: http://www.cnbc.cmu.edu/~schase

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Diseases & Disorders, Methods Development, Sensation & Perception

Research Description

Encoding, decoding, and information representation in neural populations

Claire Cheetham

Assistant Professor
University of PittsburghNeurobiology Address BSTWR E1456

Nicholas Chehade

Graduate Student with Omar Gharbawie
University of PittsburghCNUP Address BST3 4074

Kehui Chen

Assistant Professor Phone: (412) 624-8719
Photo of Kehui Chen
University of PittsburghStatistics Secondary Department Psychiatry (Pitt) Address Cathedral of Learning 2706

Research Topics:  Characterization of Neural Circuits, Developmental Processes, Methods Development

Research Description

Statistical methodologies in longitudinal data analysis, functional data analysis, network modeling, and its applications in neurocognitive development studies.

Weidong Chen

Post Doc with Wei Wang Phone: (412) 383-1356
University of PittsburghPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Address Keystone Building 319
Research Description

Brain machine interfaces and robotic arm control.

Yu Chen

Graduate Student with Rob Kass
Photo of Yu Chen
Carnegie Mellon UniversityCNBC

Mark Cheung

Graduate Student with Jose Moura
Photo of Mark Cheung
Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical and Computer Engineering Address Porter Hall B9

Mazviita Chirimuuta

Assistant Professor Phone: 412-624-5889
Photo of Mazviita Chirimuuta
University of PittsburghHistory and Philosophy of Science Address 1017 Cathedral of Learning Website: http://www.hps.pitt.edu/profile/chirimuuta.php

Research Topics:  Sensation & Perception

Daniel Ewon Choe

Post-Doc with Daniel Shaw Phone: (412) 624-4594
University of PittsburghPsychology Address 4423 Sennott Square
Research Description

Development of antisocial behavior in the early lifespan and its contextual, cognitive, neural, and genetic risk factors.

Tara Chowdhury

Post Doc with Bita Moghaddam Phone: (412) 624-4537
University of PittsburghNeuroscience Address Langley Hall
Research Description

Contribution of sex differences and adolescent development to vulnerability to psychiatric illnesses

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