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2010 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
January 19 Robin Ashmore Phillips and Segraves (2010) Predictive activity in macaque FEF neurons during natural scene searching
January 26 Jared Clemens Schlack and Albright (2007) Remembering visual motion: neural correlates of associative plasticity and motion recall in cortical area MT
February 2 Anna Roe talk @ Noon, BST3
February 9 No meeting
February 16 Liam Paninski talk
February 23 Patrick Mayo Data presentation
March 2 Trinity Crapse Data presentation
March 9 No meeting
March 16 SooYoon Shin Data presentation
March 23 Nate Hall Data presentation
March 30 Roma Konecky Ikkai et al (2010) Contralateral delay activity provides a neural measure of the number of representations in visual working memory
April 6 No meeting
April 13 Marvin Leathers Kobayashi et al (2010) Adaptation of reward sensitivity in orbitofrontal neurons
April 20 Jesse Sheehan Sary et al (2008) The representation of Kanizsa illusory contours in the monkey inferior temporal cortex
April 27 No meeting
May 4 Paul Middlebrooks Data presentation
May 11 Janani Subramanian Data presentation
May 18 Travis Meyer Singer and Sheinberg (2010) Temporal cortex neurons encode articulated actions as slow sequences of integrated poses

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