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Spring 2013 Schedule

Time: Tuesday, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Mellon Institute 115 Conference Room
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Date Presenter Paper
January 22 Erin Goodman et al. (2012) Executive Control Over Cognition: Stronger and Earlier Rule-Based Modulation of Spatial Category Signals in Prefrontal Cortex Relative to Parietal Cortex
January 29 No Meeting
February 5 David Zenon and Krauzlis (2012) Attention deficits without cortical neuronal deficits   Lovejoy and Krauzlis (2010) Inactivation of primate superior colliculus impairs covert selection of signals for perceptual judgements
February 12 Pitt Trainer(s) Pitt Safety Training
February 19 Suchitra Ogawa et al. (2013) Risk-Responsive Orbitofrontal Neurons Track Acquired Salience
February 26 Travis Woloszyn and Sheinberg (2012) Effects of Long-Term Visual Experience on Responses of Distinct Classes of Single Units in Inferior Temporal Cortex
March 5 Cory Peck et al. (2013) The primate amygdala combines information about space and value
March 12 Adam Data Talk (Something about the Intermediate Value Theorem)
March 19 Amie Purcell et al. (2012) Response variability of frontal eye field neurons modulates with sensory input and saccade preparation but not visual search salience
March 26 Nate S-cone Data Presentation
April 2 Roma Mirpour and Bisley (2012) Anticipatory Remapping of Attentional Priority across the Entire Visual Field
April 9 Sanjeev Hafed (2013) Alteration of Visual Perception prior to Microsaccades
April 16 No Brain Group Cancelled
April 23 Marvin Practice Talk
April 30 No Brain Group Cancelled
May 7 Erin Harrison et al. (2013) Eye Movement Targets Are Released from Visual Crowding
May 14 Mike Data Presentation: Variance in population firing rate as a measure of slow time-scale correlation
May 21 Udaya Stokes et al. (2013) Dynamic Coding for Cognitive Control in Prefrontal Cortex

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